Masahiro Ito |




Tokyo Obelisk - case02:Ventilating Stations(Metropolitan Expressway) -

There are many ventilating stations in Tokyo to be circulated the air in underpass

and resolve the problems of atmospheric pollution.

These have been designed in agreement with the surroundings,

and these have a unique shape and a specific function.

However, people don't know these are ventilating stations and don't recognize even the existence.

As a result, Tokyo is a city that has a cityscape which

there is no unity compared with other countries is likened to "ugly cityscape".

And also a cityscape there are those that have a unique shape wil be shown as one of a ugly cityscape.

A cityscape of Tokyo lacks uniformity, in other words,

it means that Tokyo is a free city of great diversity.

A ventilating station that blends with the cityscape and plays an important role

as part of a city is a symbol of freedom in a city environment of Tokyo.

I want to be a person looks like a ventilating station that gets free in chaos of modern society

and is a necessary existence for society even though inconspicuous.