Masahiro Ito |




Sand clock - Asagaya residence 1958-2013 -

Asagaya residence was built by Japan Housing Corp in 1958.

Japan at the time corresponding to the post-war reconstruction period was economically poor yet,

but there was a high-end residential area wealthy,

such as doctors and university professors inhabit mainly.

However, redevelopment plan by the full rebuilding had been come up previously

because of there had been to aged deterioration and obsolescence.

It had become deadlocked more than 20 years, whereas housing demolition has started in June, 2013.

Therefore, History of Asagaya residence in 55 years has closed the curtain thereby.

Japan at that time was filled with hope and expectation,

and people were believed which tomorrow will be coming more wealthy life than today.

As a result, Current Japan became a rich age of economically and materially

that people were pursued at that time.

But then we've lost the wealth of the heart in compensation for boons which were

obtained by the high economic growth after World War II.

To spend an affluent time, and to understand the importance of connecting with others.